What Should You Do While Waiting to Be Towed

A Few Things You Need to Take Care of before Your Auto Wrecker Arrives

There are many reasons why a driver may need a tow. Whether you had a flat tire, an accident, or your car has simply stopped working, you may have to call for a wrecker service. Although these companies move really fast (they will be there in a matter of minutes), you still have to take a few precautions in order to protect your car and yourself from any incidents.

Turn on the warning lights.
Move your vehicle. If possible, try to push your car outside the road. This way, you won’t disturb the traffic.
Place cones around your car. If you’re unable to move your car out of the road, then place cones or warning triangles in front and behind your vehicle.
Stay in the car. As long as your car is safe (out of the traffic), it is better for you to wait for your auto wrecker inside your vehicle.

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