Never Been Towed before and Not Sure What to Expect?

What to Expect from Your Local Towing Services

A tow truck driver transports broken down, abandoned, or illegally parked cars from roads and parking lots. They use a special truck which is fitted with a mechanism that is capable of lifting and pulling other cars. towing services at fair ratesPublic safety and communication are big parts of this job, and drivers are required to keep detailed reports on their work and dealings with the owners of vehicles. Many professional tow truck drivers work for private and impound firms, salvage yards, service stations and even car dealerships.

Most private companies and parking enforcement agencies will work in conjunction with at least one towing company, in order to offer on call services. When a vehicle is left unattended or abandoned within a parking lot for a certain amount of time, the owner of the business will contact their local towing services to remove it. Vehicles that are illegally parked will also be subject to being towed away if parking enforcement officials or the police enforce it. In an impound lot, tow truck drivers will then document all the vehicles they transport in, contact its owners, and tell them why their vehicles were taken away. They deal with customers face to face in order to collect impounding fees, and then return their vehicles.

There is no formal education or training needed in order to become a tow truck driver. Anyone who holds a high school diploma and a clean driver’s license is able to apply for these positions. Many new employees will be given on the job training from other more experienced drivers who go with them to teach them on the equipment and methods which they need to know with the job. Some companies provide 40 hours of instruction for new drivers, so they are more familiar with local laws and policies. Special certification is not needed, although some people decide to take written exams provided by national associations, thus improving their credentials and their chances of employment.

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