How to Secure a Vehicle on a Flatbed Tow Truck

The Safety Aspects of Flatbed Towing Services

A rollback or flatbed tow truck is an ideal way to tow a vehicle. One of the most important benefits of flatbed towing is that the vehicle being towed will not have to ride on its own wheels. In most cases, especially if the vehicle was involved in an accident, riding on its own wheels can cause wear and tear on the tires and other internal parts. So, if you have a damaged car that needs to be towed, a flat bed tow truck is a life-saver.

reputable towing companyThe towing process is very simple. The tow truck operator will roll down the flatbed to the road surface, attach two hooks to the bottom front of the vehicle, and pull the car onto the flatbed using a powerful automated winch. Once the car is on the flatbed completely, the operator will roll back the flatbed until it lands on the back of the tow truck. It is very important to know how to secure the car properly to the tow truck in order to avoid further damage.

The first thing the operator must do when he arrives is pull a couple of lengths in front of your car. This will allow him plenty of space for maneuver.
Using a hydraulic system, the operator will make the flatbed like a ramp so that your car can easily be rolled onto it. The lower end of the ramp must be aligned with your car’s front wheels.
Once the car is hooked properly, the operator will engage the automated winch. Make sure you car is in neutral so that it will roll easily on the ramp.
The flatbed will then be lowered down into its normal position. Your car should be put in “park” with the emergency brake set on.
Just because your car’s transmission is in “park” doesn’t mean your car is safe. As an extra security measure, the operator will tie down each of your wheels.

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